Friday, November 18, 2011

A Tummy Story

Sorry, this reads a bit like a journal. And I don't have pictures. But if you make it through it, you are a trooper!

Last weekend, we left Jake with his grandparents for the very first time ever.
It was a traumatic experience for both of us. It probably won't happen again anytime soon.
We left Friday. Wednesday night, Jake woke up at about 9 pm and just could not be consoled. I thought he had had a bad dream at first - that happens semi-frequently. (I think the poor little guy inherited my tendency to have more bad dreams than good.)

Anyway, after about an hour of this, I had just about decided to take him to an urgent care or the ER to have him seen for an ear infection. He only ever acted like this once before, and he ended up having a seizure from the fever caused by an ear infection. About 28 seconds after I said exactly that to Tyler (and he had agreed), Jake turned around and handed his toy and bear to Tyler, took his pacifier out of his mouth, and threw up all over me. The poor little guy was pretty freaked out. He had no idea what was going on, or why he was feeling like that. I felt awful for him. When he was finished, he refused to go to anyone but me. So I took off my sweater and jeans and just sat with him while Tyler cleaned up. (Poor Tyler!) Luckily, he had thrown up on the plastic carpet cover that the computer chair goes on, instead of on the carpet.

After a little while, he got down and started to play like he felt normal. We waited a little bit, and then decided to try and get some food into him and get him back to bed. He ate some yogurt and drank a bit of milk and a bit of a protein shake. We thought his upset stomach was from the hot dog he'd had for dinner. (Tyler's dad bought Hebrew National hot dogs for him, thinking it was a better brand. The hot dogs are kosher, so it is basically all beef which made for some very greasy hot dogs. He'd had diarrhea the night before after eating one of those, so we thought it must be connected and had them just throw them out.) After he finished eating, he immediately threw up again. So there went that idea.

This went on for the rest of night. Thankfully, he didn't ever throw up on the carpet. I don't know how he managed it, but he did. We ended up moving his bed into our room so that we could all get some sleep. The next day, he acted fine. He had diarrhea, and he threw up one time in the morning just after breakfast, but other than that he acted completely normal. So we thought we were good to go the next day.

After we left, we found out his diarrhea was continuing, and he wasn't really wanting to eat and didn't have much energy. I felt really bad and wanted to either stay or take him with us, but we had reserved a moving truck that we couldn't cancel, and it would have been a very big hassle to take him with us. Some tears were shed on my part and his, but his mom sent us pictures later showing that he was happy. We skyped with him that night. It made me so sad to not be there at bedtime. (And as it turns out, after we hung up, he kept running to the computer and crying and reaching for it looking for us. Poor baby! So my MIL wouldn't let us skype the rest of the trip. Which didn't help - he still went to the computer and cried the next night, too. =( )

The first night, we stayed at the Sheraton in Salt Lake City. Tyler got a great deal on priceline, so we decided to make it a tiny bit of a "vacation." We ate out at a pretty good restaurant (Bucca something. Italian restaurant in downtown SLC) and just relaxed. We got there late and were both exhausted. Tyler started having some stomach issues that night just before bed, but felt fine after using the bathroom. We were asleep when our heads hit the pillow. (Also, the thermostat in our room was broken. It kept blowing hot hair, and the room was sweltering. We ended up sleeping with the door to the balcony wide open all night.) We woke up early, and headed down to get our truck and get everything out of our storage unit.

I think our trip could break records. It took us less than two hours to completely clean out our storage unit and load the truck. Our friend Sam came to help us move the big stuff (HUGE thank you to him!) and our BIL came at the end and swept out the unit for us. All in all, we were in Utah for less than 24 hours total.

At about Wendover, Tyler started having more stomach issues. He was feeling pretty awful. He wouldn't let me drive the truck, (we were towing our car) so he was driving and miserable.

We went on hotwire and got a room in Elko. We went through the entire process to get a 3 star hotel. Every single page said that we were paying for a 3 start hotel. When he hit confirm, it confirmed us for a 2 star in a shady area! I was so mad. We called hotwire, and they were incredibly rude. They told us that there was nothing we could do, they wouldn't upgrade us, (even if we paid the extra) and they wouldn't refund us. They also told us that we must have been mistaken, and that it was difficult to tell sometimes if you actually hit the 2 star instead of the 3. We found out later (after reading reviews) that they have done this exact same thing to multiple people.
To top it off, we went on priceline, and the hotel they had put us in was rated as a 1 star and had horrible reviews. So we just booked a hotel at the Hilton and figured we could deal with it later. Tyler was getting worse, and we really needed to just get to a room. He ended up with the same thing Jake had, and was throwing up all night. I felt so bad for him!

The next day, he felt much better, but obviously not 100%. He wouldn't be feeling better for several more days. He still wouldn't let me drive. (Silly men.) We were able to get home just after dark. I was so excited to get back to Jake. I had missed him SO much. I didn't let him out of my sight for days. He was really happy to see us, too. Tyler's mom and grandma were pretty happy we were there, too - they had both gotten whatever Jake had as well. Julie said that was the first day that Jake was feeling better. But he still had diarrhea, and he wasn't eating as well as usual. (This lasted until today, really. He is down to about 19 and a half lbs. Poor tiny guy.)
Luckily, I never got it. I'm so grateful for that. It's the second time during a pregnancy that I haven't gotten an extremely contagious illness that my family had. (Tyler got Swine Flu when I was about 8 weeks pregnant with Jake, and I didn't get that either.)

We are thinking it was Rotavirus. Jake has been vaccinated, but his pediatrician said it still could have been that. It has been going around recently in the area. I feel awful that we left him when he was so sick! But I am grateful that he and everyone else are feeling better.

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Kate said...

Sorry that leaving Jake was so rough. I cried when we dropped off N at my sister's to go to the hospital. The raging hormones getting my body ready to deliver didn't help at all. Plus I had forgotten her bag that had her blankets and animals in it and I felt terrible. I had never spent a night apart from her except when I worked a few nights, so it was hard to leave. We all did just fine and it sounds like Jake did too. Hope the last few weeks of pregnancy go well. They seemed to drag for me at the time, but looking back, its weird to not be pregnant any more. Can't wait to see pics of the little man.