Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catch-up ::Oregon Trip::

I feel a little bad about not blogging in a month and a half. I like to use it a bit like a journal, since it's been a bit longer since I wrote in one of those. So let's start with our Oregon Trip!

We ate our food like rednecks.
And rode on the luggage carts.

We visited a fun wild animal farm

Jake preferred the chickens
He also preferred the baby wallaby's toys to the actual baby wallaby.

He also didn't show much interest in the bobcat kitten we played with.

He did, however, LOVE playing with the pumpkins strewn around on the ground.

Jake got a free ride on the rickety, probably not up to code, kiddie coaster. He kinda loved it.

But it also kinda made him nervous. It made him a bit nervous as well.

We also visited the Little People Big World farm. It was gorgeous! But it was raining, so none of them were outside.
We got to stay with these amazing folks in Lincoln City.

We played in a fire house. (Phyllis works there, and she let us bring Jake to see it!)
And even got to sit inside this awesome truck!

This gorgeous spot was back behind the fire station. We didn't go down to the beach - this particular one, we were told, was especially dangerous.

And that was our trip! It was a lot of fun, but it was exhausting!

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