Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Promise to Update

I have SO much to update on! I'm not sure where to start. But expect at least one post a day starting Tuesday until I am caught up! (And then, from there, I hope to KEEP it up!) Over 3 weeks in the last month and a half were spent up in Oregon. Lots of adventures were had. Traveling at 7+ months pregnant with a toddler can prove to be incredibly interesting.

In the meantime, here is an update on the belly.
I am now 34 weeks pregnant.
Baby boy is still nameless.
I'm pretty huge.
The majority of people are still in the dark about the pregnancy. I'm excited for the big reveal in a few weeks! I am happy I was able to keep it together for so long. I didn't think I could!
These pictures are from a week ago, but that's ok.
Left side
Right side
I am definitely carrying all out in front this time. I've been told time and again that you can't even tell I'm pregnant from the back. The downside to this is that I can no longer turn to the side to get through narrow spaces. It's easier to take them head on.

We are moving into our new apartment tomorrow! I am so excited. I can hardly wait. I love love love my in laws, don't get me wrong. But it is definitely time for us to have our own space.
Pictures to come, of course. I have some of the empty space, but it's much nicer to see when everything is all set up.

Jake is still adorable.
I know all 2 of you that read this blog were waiting anxiously to see if that was still true. =)

He amazes me more and more every day. He is amazingly smart. He performs most things at a 24-26 month level. He still isn't talking, except for the word yes.

Today, he handed me his monkey bath toy and started making monkey noises. Then waited for me to make them back. We had a little conversation in monkey.
The locks here are all the kind you push in. To unlock them, you open the door from the inside, or put a nail or bobby pin or something to push the lock from the other side. Tyler was in the shower, and he locks the door because Grandma WILL just walk in and start talking to you. Jake was very distressed that he couldn't get in to see his daddy. (We have been away in Utah this weekend, and it was the first time we have ever left him. But that's for another post.)
I unlocked the door to let him in, and all thoughts of seeing daddy disappeared. Jake wanted to unlock the door. So we got a box to stand on, I gave him the bobby pin, and kept locking the door so he could unlock it. This entertained him until bedtime. Seriously. He would walk away and come right back less than 3 minutes later ready to try again. He is nothing, if not determined.

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Cassie said...

I still read your blog! I think many people will be blown away with your news. Why are you keeping it on the dl? Just curious. :) Almost there!!!