Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Photography is something I've been into for some time. I took classes in high school, and absolutely adored it. The problem was, my nice camera was a film camera. And who uses film anymore?! So, for my birthday, I got a Canon Rebel XSi! I am so excited. It feels a little like starting over, but so far it's been fun. I'd love to do it as a career, but for now, we'll just see where it goes. (Though, it would go hand in hand with my design business, if that ever gets launched.) Anyways, here is a sample of my "work." (lol) What do you think? Is it a possibility for me?

Of course, these are all of Jake, who is an extremely cute subject to begin with. ;)


Jessicaag87 said...

Awe he's so cute! great pictures too.

David and Kate said...

good pictures. He is darling! I love his big blue eyes!