Sunday, January 9, 2011


I've been neglecting my blog. Mainly because I've actually been getting out of the house and doing things, but it's time I started being supermom and getting everything done that I need to. And part of that includes blogging at least once a week.

SO, I'll start by Christmas. We had lots of fun! We went to Tyler's parent's house in Gardnerville, NV. We also spent some time over in Roseville, CA at my grandparent's house. Everyone LOVED playing with Jake. And they enjoyed seeing us, too. I must say, it was a wonderful break. (I know, as supermom, I should never admit to needing one, but I wasn't supermom until today.) I basically only saw Jake if he was hungry, extra fussy, needed a diaper change, or it was bedtime. Someone else played with him all day! (Which, I must admit, I actually missed playing with him all day. But I'm glad everyone else got to have some time with him.) Ok, time for pictures!

I think Jake's new favorite people are his Great Grandpa Jack, and his Grandma Julie!

Look at my looong luscious hair!

Christmas morning!

Santa came!!!

This was (and is) his favorite toy. If he sees it, he wants on, and wants to be pushed around. For hours. And screams if you stop. I keep it locked in his bedroom most days.

We also found out that Jake is going to have a little BOY cousin!!!

A few days later, we took Jake to a restaurant and let him try a new fruit. A LEMON!

(Yes, this is actually what he did. But he kept coming back for more - he loved it!)

We also went to the Nevada State Museum in Carson City, and they were running the mint! They gave Jake a blank penny, and one that had been stamped. And we got him a little medallion that we watched them stamp. We'll keep it in the safe for him until he's older. =)

We (and by we, I mean I) touched things we weren't supposed to touch.

And climbed into to real mine carts we weren't supposed to climb in.

We made two attempts to come home. The first one didn't happen. It took us an hour to get to Carson City, which is normally a 10-15 minute drive. So we turned around. We left again a few hours later and were successful. We stopped in Elko for the night and stayed in the Holiday Inn Express. We got to stay in a nice King sized bed, and discovered that Jake is, in fact, ready for his crib.

And in case you haven't had enough Jake, enjoy these two videos! The first one is how he reacts to hats, and the second one is his first taste of lemon.


Mandi said...

his lemon face is awesome. i love how his face screws up.

your hair is so long...and brown. its pretty.

Likeursoperfect said...

Oh yeah! I dyed it. I forgot to add that in there lol.

Thank you. =)