Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where has the Time gone?!

Tomorrow I will be 31 weeks pregnant. (According to my current due date.) We are down to the single digits! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. It really feels like we found out MAYBE a month ago. So, 9 weeks left, at the most! (I am not-so-secretly hoping that Baby Boy Hines comes on May 3rd, though. That is 7 weeks and 2 days from a month and a half!!)

I still have days where I definitely look pregnant, and days where it's "Is she pregnant, or just fat??" I take my pictures on the pregnant-looking days. But, also, it depends on what I am wearing. Here is an example of how much bigger I look just by lifting my shirt.

Shirt Down

Shirt up.

Here are some bare-belly shots as well. (I also wanted these shots FOR the stretch marks. Please ignore them. I am trying this cream that is supposed to make stretch marks disappear! I know it probably won't, but it was $3 for a trial sample, so I figured, "why not?"...I guess I'll probably end up posting the 'after' shots, too.) Also, these pictures show that he is not always up high, like the pictures with my black shirt seem to suggest. He has his days where he is lower, and he still mostly likes to cram himself way down below my belly button.

Left side

Right side

Front (There aren't any stretch marks on the front. Yet.)

And, finally, my 31 week pictures! I love that I FINALLY have a belly, but I'm glad I have a little longer to get bigger. Part of me is really glad that I have stayed small, but then part of me feels "jipped" out of the great big belly, too. I mostly just try to stay grateful I have stayed small for so long, because these last 7-9 weeks is when I am supposed to grow the fastest! (I am hoping with the small-ness also comes a lack of stretch marks, but I'm not holding my breath.)

Left Side

Right side
Front! (I know, I know...I don't *really* look pregnant from the front. But I am going to take front pictures from now on anyways, to see if that changes. =D )

Now that the fun stuff is out of the way, feel free to leave if you don't want the boring stuff. =)

From now until Baby Hines gets here, (And even for a while after) our little family is MEGA busy! I am scheduling appointments with pediatricians to interview, so we can have the best doctor for our little guy when he gets here. I am also trying to get in to the optometrist and the dentist for my routine checkups before he gets here. I know this is cheating, but it IS mainly because I am on medicaid, and we just won't be able to afford it once Baby is here, because they only gave me "pregnancy medicaid." So I am only covered until my 6 weeks appointment after he is born, and then I'm on my own.

Tyler's birthday is coming up on the 26th. He'll be TWENTY-FIVE! A whole quarter of a century. I am trying to plan something super fun, but inexpensive. It's a special birthday, so I want to make it special. =)

Our photographer that shot our wedding gave us a REALLY good deal on a package for a maternity shoot and a newborn session after the baby is born. So we are doing the maternity shoot on the 30th. I am super excited for that!

I am going to Las Vegas (as long as the doctor OK's it) from April 4th until I'm not sure when. For those who don't know why, I will probably blog about it sometime in the future, but for now, it's something that I am having trouble dealing with, and don't really want to make "public." Also, the outcome of the situation will probably be a large factor in my decision to blog or not to blog.

Anyways, after I get home from Vegas, my doctor's appointments (which are every 2 weeks now, instead of every month!) will move to every week until the baby is born! I can't believe how fast everything is going. This year is already going by so fast! (We are almost a full quarter into 2010!) I know that life is going to continue to FLY past even faster once our little guy gets here, but it amazes me how fast it feels now! I am trying my best to NOT wish for it to speed up, and just enjoy the moment.

April 16-21st are finals for Tyler. Then we just wait for Baby Boy to get here!

After the baby is born, we have 2 trips within 2 months after. Both to Gardnerville! (Well, the first one is technically to Sacramento, also.) My little sister, Haley, graduates from high school on May 28th! We are so excited for her, and to be able to be there for her big day.

The following Sunday, we'll be blessing our baby in Tyler's parent's ward. It took some deciding to choose this day, because we did not want to take any attention away from Haley. But, when we talked to her about it, she informed us that she would LOVE for us to take the attention away, because she hates being in the spotlight. (Total opposite of me, my sister. ;) ) But the weekend will be perfect, because all of my siblings, my mom, and my mom's parents will be able to be there, and that just couldn't happen any other time. Haley's graduation was obviously planned, and the baby wasn't, so my mom and sister just can't take the time off work for 2 trips. So we are excited for that!

We aren't sure how long that trip is going to be. We may drive home the next day, because later in June, we have the Brunson family reunion there in Gardnerville! And we want to make that our long Gardnerville trip for the summer, because we will get to be around the whole family! (And then we also want to have time to relax after the reunion with Tyler's family as well.)

We have a few other ideas for summer as well, but nothing set in stone, yet. I am excited to see how the rest of Spring/Summer unfolds!

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Cassie said...

You're so teeny! But I agree I think it's good to stay small. I'm also pretty small and I'm sure we'll get a share of being huge in the last few weeks. ;)