Monday, March 8, 2010


Yup, I am feeling a bit hypocritical today. I logged onto my blog thinking "people need to update their blogs more! There's no updates and nothing to read!" And then I looked at my latest blog update....8 days shy of a month ago. Yikes!

Lately Tyler and I have been talking and discussing and trying to decide where our lives are headed, what we want to do, and where we want to go. He is trying to decide whether to stay in his current major, or switch to one with classes he would enjoy more. (It is still in Exercise Science, and he would only have one extra semester if he chose to do this.) So this would mean we would be in Utah until spring 2011. But then what to do after that? Part of why he is so torn is because he is extremely burned out on school. (He's been at BYU for 5 years now, switched majors twice, and is ready to be done.) He is pretty sure that he is going to just take a year off after he graduates. Work for a year, and try to decide if he wants to go to grad school, and if so, what for.

So with that being basically decided, we are now trying to decide where we want to go when he graduates. Our current top choices are Carson City/Reno area, Portland (Oregon), or Southern California. If we choose one of those, it will most likely be Portland or Southern CA because in those places we have access to several graduate programs within a few hours, and we wouldn't have to change states. Utah is definitely out of the question. I seriously hate it here and I can't wait to get someplace where it rarely snows. (Another reason why I would choose Portland or Southern CA over Carson City/Reno.) We are obviously open to other choices as well, but those are places where we already know people, and wouldn't feel like the isolated "newbies" if we moved there.

A lot more research and planning and prayer has to go into these decisions, obviously. And now we have things like schools to think about. (For example, if we move to southern CA, our kids would have to be in private school - I won't send my kids to public school there.) Still, it's been fun looking online at different neighborhoods and places to live in the different areas! And I'm SO excited to get out of Utah. Even if it is still possibly over a year away!

That is pretty much the only new and exciting thing going on with us. That and I am 69 days from my due date!

Here are the only 30 week pictures I have so far. (They are bare-belly shots, so don't look if you don't want to see!) I'll take a "normal" one later for facebook. =) Also, the white that you see is not my garments, don't worry. I wear a white or black tanktop UNDER my normal tanktops, since the maternity ones are longer, but I still want the colorful pre-pregnancy ones.

Right Side
Left Side


And my current view of my feet.

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Taffers Dawn said...

Your tummy is getting bigger adn it's way cute!! Good luck with the job choices! It's hard to make those kindof decisions.