Thursday, October 8, 2009

IHC is Getting Ridiculous

I hate IHC. I really really wish that there was another option here in Provo. (And if there is, please let me know.) Every time I have had any work done (lab work, etc.) they have charged me for things that were never done. For example, I just got the bill back for my prenatal labs. On the bill was a charge for a steroid that is given in a shot. I had no such thing. I only had my blood drawn, and they took a urine sample. They also did a PCR test for chlamydia (which they are required to test for that by the CDC). But a PCR test? Really? That is the same thing that they use for DNA testing. The only reason they would use that versus a simple bacteria screen is to gouge you more.

More examples? I once went to the ER for a Urinary Tract Infection (I know...the ER? I was on my dad's insurance and they ONLY covered ER visits, and not regular doctor visits) But they charged me for an IV with IV narcotic pain medication. First of all, I never got an IV. Second of all, why would they give me NARCOTIC pain medication for a UTI when over the counter uricalm is far more effective? Another time, I was in for Pleursy (basically a normal cold infection got into the lining of my lungs) and they charged me for a respitory consult and a nebulizer treatment. I didn't get either of those things because the department was too backed up, but I still got charged for them.

IHC is seriously a bunch of crooks, and I am tired of having to fight with them to get things taken off of my bill EVERY SINGLE TIME I go in. It's also worse when you have to pay for things yourself, instead of an insurance company taking the hit. It is just getting ridiculous, and I SO wish there was a more convenient (or even a not - so convenient) hospital my doctor was willing to deliver at.

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JnA said...

I hate IHC with a passion. What insurance do you have? Is Timpanogos covered? That's where I'm going.