Thursday, March 5, 2009


I don't know much about it, but I know that the LDS Religion does not practice it. But I'm going to. Sort of.

I came across this group on facebook that was all about giving up all drinks but water for 40 days. (Lent.) While they didn't say that it was FOR Lent, it was implied. "We challenge you to make Water your ONLY beverage for 40 DAYS starting MARCH 1 and ending APRIL 9 in conjunction with the Lenten Season and World Water Day (Mar. 22)." Those are the exact words. So, I'm starting a few days late, but I will also go a few days longer.

They also want you to donate what you WOULD have spent on other beverages to the charity so that they can provide communities with clean drinking water. Very admirable of them. I really really wish I could do it. But, I am in NO financial position to be donating money to anything other than the "Tristan survival fund." (AKA, my checking account.) But it is something I would love to do someday. Actually, I'd like to just take my future medical degree with me to disadvantaged communities and treat their illnesses. But that's a goal for another blog post.

Back to the water. Here are my "revisions" of this goal. I will not drink SODA for 40 days. (Which, for those of you who know me, will be exceptionally hard as Coca-Cola is my staple food. That's right. It's not just my beverage. It's practically my life source.) I will drink only water, and a mixture of water and crystal light powder. This way, I can have a drink with flavor, but Crystal Light is not carbonated, and is a handy 5 calories. Coca-cola is 240 calories per 20 oz bottle. So this should also help me in my "getting in shape and losing weight" goal.

I think that I can take the caffeine withdrawal headaches. Nothing a little Tylenol can't cure. And when I am craving Coke, I can just think of those poor kids in Africa, who have to walk for 4 hours or more to get their clean drinking water. I have nothing to complain about. I'll be sitting here for the next 40 days with a Dasani water bottle that I got at the grocery store. That I drove in my car for a block and a half to reach.

I am a spoiled American. The fact that the next 40 days is going to be difficult for me is proof of this fact.

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Andrew and Christina said...

Tristan! I am so impressed cause while I don't have that much soda I don't think I could write it off completely! I have stopped taking anything but water for lunch and I think that has helped me a lot! Tell me how it goes!