Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everyone, meet Dex!

Tyler and I have a very important announcement. We got a hedgehog!!

He's 11 months old, and VERY adorable. We named him Dex. Right now, he spends a lot of time burying his face in a blanket or my chest. Poor little guy. He also tried to eat Tyler's finger when he put his finger to his snout. (We think that Ty just had some pizza smell on his hand though, so Dex thought he was food.) Here are some pictures so you can see his cuteness.

Meet Dex:

"I'll let you see my nose, but not my eyes!"

"But....what IS it??"

"I'm hiding from you!!"

Orly isn't sure what to think.

Videos take too long to upload on blogger, but if you want to see them, just check out my facebook.! His videos are up on my profile. Isn't he adorable? I love him already!

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