Sunday, March 22, 2009


Sorry in advance, folks.

I decided to sign up for google's adSense program - just to see if it works. So basically, if I make anything more than $5, I will probably un-privatize my blog for a bit to make some money. (But personal info will not be posted, so you'll have to email me.) But let's not get ahead of ourselves. So here's the thing - if you see an ad on the side of my page, CLICK IT! (Even if you don't want the product. I just really want to know if I can make money just by people clicking it.) It was free, and they didn't ask for anything silly, like my social security number or checking account number. Just my name/address/phone number.

It sounds legit. I'll let you know if it is or not. =D

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JnA said...

good lck!! I think I tried that once, I don't remember how it went.