Monday, February 6, 2012

One Month

Excuse the lateness of this post. For those that don't know, I had surgery on my nose about a week and a half ago, and little man turned one month old the very next day. So I'm a little behind.

Let's see. At one month, tiny boy is still not doing a WHOLE lot. But he did give me one heck of a birthday gift - his first real smiles!! I have yet to catch them on camera. But he's doing it.

He is still mostly a great sleeper. He's had a few bad nights, mostly because he seems to have some gas issues. Poor little guy. But for the most part, he is still sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night. And most of the day during the day, too. His awake periods are usually up to 2 hours.

He cluster feeds in the evenings, which I think is the reason behind his awesome nightime sleeping.

He HATES crinkling sounds. Like the sound of the wipes bag, or paper crinkling, etc.

He has great head control. We even sat him in his bumbo for the very first time tonight! (Only for about 5 minutes. We didn't want to overdo it on his other muscles.) He really seemed to be enjoying being able to look around.

I am still having a bit of a rough time adjusting and getting into a daily routine, but it's slowly getting better. I don't think surgery helped in that aspect. And it definitely doesn't help that Jake has started throwing stuff at me again. (He got me good right in the nose today. Amazing how a person that isn't even 2 can bring you to tears. I just hope it didn't do any damage, as my doctor told me to be VERY careful he doesn't bump it at all.) I think I had a touch of the baby blues just after Everett was born, and I don't think it's completely left. But it is getting much, much better! (Finally!) I think I am going to start going to a yoga class 1-2 times per week. Exercise always makes you feel better!

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Kate said...

Its been 3 months and some days I seriously struggle with the daily routine of 2! It's hard! It's hard when you are tired and hard to nurse with a little one who is active and gets into lots of things. Today was one of those days where I just couldn't keep up with laundry, dinners, kids, etc. It doesn't help that we have had really sick kids for about 2 weeks, but tomorrow is a new day and we will keep getting better right?! Your boys are darling! Hope Jake keeps liking his big boy bed!