Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Poor Jake has another UTI. (Remember this?)
It started Sunday. Jake wasn't feeling well, and was running a fever, so we stayed home from church. I figured it was most likely just teething, but I didn't want to risk it. (I HATE when people bring their sick kids to church to infect every other kid in the ward. HATE HATE HATE.) So we stayed home. Monday was the same deal. It got a lot worse around 5 or 6pm. His fever went up to about 102. So I called the lady that I babysit for to warn her that Jake might be sick, so she could find another babysitter for Tuesday if she wanted to. (She did. I don't blame her.) I told her I suspected it was just teething, but I would want to know if my babysitter's baby had a fever. Tuesday (yesterday) came around and he was worse. He still had a fever of 100-101 WITH tylenol, and all he wanted to do was sit in my lap and watch TV. I obliged him.
The sickie himself.

I told Tyler that he still wasn't better, and we agreed it would be a good idea to take him to the doctor. (He has his 9 month checkup on Friday, so I was hesitant before, but it had been 2 days.) So we took him in. The doctor noticed his throat was irritated, so he tested for strep, which was negative. We couldn't find any other reason for his fever, and he said that the fever wouldn't be so high if it was just teething. (He has also lost about a half pound. Not good when you're on the lower end of the chart in the first place.)
The pedi had mentioned after Jake's hospital stay that if we ever couldn't find a reason for a fever, we should check his urine for an infection. That was fun....not. We put the little wee-bag on him, and put his diaper back on. He didn't want to nurse, and he wouldn't take water from a cup. (He usually LOVES to drink water from a cup.) We had the nurse bring us a dropper and forced some water into him. (Easier than I thought.) We finally got a sample after about 30 minutes. They did a test, and said it looked positive, but they were going to send it for a culture to confirm. In the meantime, they started him on antibiotics. The doctor said that if the culture comes back positive (which, he seems confident it will) we'll probably have to take Jake back up to Primary Children's and run more tests.
When he had the tests done before, they found a small pouch up next to his bladder on the side of the tube that comes out of his bladder out of his body. They said it could go away on his own, and it may or may not pose a problem, but that they weren't going to do further testing unless he had more problems in the future. So it looks like we'll have to figure out what is causing these UTIs. Poor baby! I feel so bad for him - they are really uncomfortable! But I am grateful that this time we caught it before he went blue around the mouth and unresponsive, and that he can just have oral antibiotics instead of a PICC line and a hospital stay. (And this time, he had a fever! Last time he didn't, so we had no idea anything was wrong.)
Hopefully they will be able to find out what is causing this, and it will be something that is easily fixed.

Jake does NOT have a UTI! The culture didn't grow anything at all! I'm so happy. He doesn't have to have any further tests. The doctor thinks it's most likely just a virus and he'll be better in a few days. He has his well-baby checkup tomorrow, so we'll get his stats and everything then!

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