Sunday, February 13, 2011


I really need an amazing name for my photography business. I thought about Luxe by Tristan, but most people don't know what it means. Plus, I think it sounds a little pretentious. (Maybe not?) I want something beautiful and feminine. Something that will show passion and beauty. Something that will make people think lush and cream and fantasy. I know that's a lot. But I want to be a wedding photographer, which is supposed to be a woman's dream come true, so I want a name to reflect that.

I like names to evoke passion and rapture and love and fantasy. What I need is a brainstorm. Please help!

And for looking, here are a few photos I had the privilege of shooting last week! (Only a few...I'm still editing.)

Couple in focus

Lovey shoes

B in focus

Old timey shoes.


Katrina said...

Alluring HinesSight Photography of course the - hines sight- would need to be all kinds of fancy to get across its two words- one being your last night. And you could always play with the word- 'alluring' to make it 'Luxe' ish.

Katrina said...

*last name* lol

Likeursoperfect said...

Oh that is a good idea!

AJ said...

maybe memories in focus? I actually do like Luxe by tristan though.

Also if you're getting a website for it you might want to search available domain names first, they're hard to find!

Taffers Dawn said...

I like Dreams or something like that.
I really like Luscious to me that describes what you want. Or Ambrosia. Daydreams. Paradise. Those are just some ideas, but i think my fav is Luscious, but I also like Katrina's idea of Alluring and i like how she pulled your last name in there with HinesSight