Wednesday, October 20, 2010

VERY Exciting News!!

No, I'm not pregnant. Hopefully THAT announcement won't come for another year. Maybe two. We'll see.

But even MORE exciting - WE'VE MOVED! We found a bigger, MUCH nicer place in Orem. Since our contract was month-to-month after we hit the year mark we jumped on the opportunity.

Some of my favorite things about the new apartment:
  • It's a basement, but it's above ground! So it's not dark and scary like some apartments.
  • It has two bedrooms - no more crib in the living room.
  • There is a washer and dryer! (A MUST with a baby.)
  • Two words. Central air.
  • Linoleum in the kitchen and bedroom that was installed later than 1965. (And it looks like tiling.)
  • Dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Gas, Electric, Cable and Internet included in the rent. (No more cable/internet bills!)
  • No BYU traffic
  • The brand new, super deep tub.
  • The paint on the walls is a beige instead of plain white.

So really, I pretty much love everything about this new place.

The back room was SUPPOSED to be the living room, and the front room the bedroom. The front room is off the kitchen and it doesn't have a closet anyway. It's also the same size as the living room from our first apartment. The back room is connected to the laundry room, and I didn't want to always make sure I had everything in there clean and tidy. AND there is a place to hang clothes on either side of the laundry room. So we decided to make the back, larger room into our bedroom, and the laundry room now doubles as our walk-in closet. I'm going to hang some curtains there to make it look nice.

Unfortunately, I've been sick. So I have basically nothing unpacked yet. But I do have pictures of the empty house! (We are replacing that ugly couch when we can buy a new one in a couple of months. Where the ugly couch is sitting is now our bedroom.) Let's play a variation of "Where's Waldo?" now. You can take a guess at the subject.

Kitchen View #1

Kitchen View #2

Living Room

Jake has his very own room! (Not that he sleeps in there or anything...)

Hallway. (We use those shelves as our dvd shelves.)

Don't worry. That hideous shower curtain went straight to the trash.
Laundry room/walk-in closet

(The extra hampers will go in Jake's room as a toy bin/clothes hamper. Or we'll throw them away. We'll see.)

And finally, our bedroom!

I LOVE this new place! While I'm a little sad that we've moved on from our first home as a family, I'm way less depressed at the prospect of being in Utah for yet another long, cold winter.


Sarah said...

Hooray! What a cute new apartment! Sure, I was hoping it would be a little closer to Wisconsin, but I'll take what I can get. Only 7 months until it's over 60!

Thompson Family said...

The place looks great! So glad you found something you like and has everything you need.

Likeursoperfect said...

Sarah - it IS a little closer to Wisconsin than our old one. ;)

Elise - thank you! Also, I'll have your boxes back soon. I got sick, so unpacking got put on the back burner.

David and Kate said...

Cute new place! So glad you have all those new things that most of us think as can't live withouts ;) You are brave to have done laundry for so long in your tub! Way to be. Hope you are feeling better. Moving is rough, and the wife/mom gets the harder part I think.

Taffers Dawn said...

I love the pictures! I love how he's in every picture. It's like I spy Jake! I'm so glad you are in a new/bigger place. You needed that so badly and this looks like it'll be perfect for you. can't wait to see it with all it's stuff in it and decorated all cute. You'll have to put more pictures up!

Ash said...

W-O-W! THis place is Beautiful!! COngrats! I hope you figure everything out with the carpet and Jake's rash :( I fyou need to reclean the carpets with just watch, my gma has a carpet clean that raph and I use. Let me know. Its super easy to use, just like a vacuum :) But such a cute place! Can't wait to see it ;)