Monday, October 18, 2010


I am sick sick sick. It started as a mildly sore throat, then progressed to head congestion overnight, and now it's roaring pain in my throat, major congestion in my head and chest (That is making me QUITE dizzy) and a fever of 101 and rising everytime I take it. Jake is currently playing quietly in his swing. (Thank Heavens!) And today has just been awful. Being a mom is really hard, and it's 10 times harder when you are sick. Please keep Jake in your prayers that he will stay healthy and not get whatever this is! (Probably just a nasty cold, but I still don't want him to get it.

So no pictures today, but I will leave you with this video! Jake will be 5 months in 5 days, and he is THIS CLOSE to crawling! I can't even believe how fast he is growing up.
I measured his legs the other week and realized that if I were to cut off his legs, he would be the same length as he was when he was born. I miss my teeny tiny baby! =(

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