Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I was going to wait until Friday when I had Jake's 4 month stats to post, but then I realized it had been a month. So I am going to share a picture of the reason we took Jake to the hospital before that fateful, terrifying week. (I know that he only had a UTI, reflux, and some oxygenation issues, but at the time I was terrified that I was going to lose my newborn baby.) This was the blueness around his mouth that I was talking about when I tried to describe it. (My grandma actually just sent me this picture, so I never had it to share before.

I usually make it so you can't click on the picture, but in this case you need to click on it to get a good view.

Also, check out how purple his little foot was. His biggest issue was that he wasn't able to oxygenate his body on just room air.

Onto happier things. Check out how much he's grown! He's army crawling now. Of course, he stops everytime we pull out the camera to catch it, but soon I promise I'll get a video! Tyler officially has to move his computer into the back room. Jake decided today that he likes the lights, and that it was his toy. It was a nightmare trying to keep him away from it!

Jake and his friend Soren.
Soren was a little distracted by the TV.

Jake decided today that he could not survive unless I was in his direct line of sight. Solution? Stick him in the Johnny Jump Up in the bathroom doorway. Excuse the full garbage. And the extremely attractive toilet in the background.

Both parties were fully satisfied.

Pictures from my trip to Montana to come soon!

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Taffers Dawn said...

Yeah for the Jumper!!! Kids absolutely love those!! he's pretty darn cute isn't he.