Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jake can roll!

I thought it would take MUCH longer for Jake to learn how to roll, as we almost never put him down for tummy time, because all he does is scream! Well today (after an incredibly nasty diaper blowout following a 2 day constipation issue) he was trying to roll over on the changing table. So we decided to put him down on his tummy time mat (that we just bought yesterday!) to see what would happen. Almost immediately, he rolled over onto his back! He discovered the toys and the diaper bag, and it was all over. He started to get a little frustrated because suddenly, as of today, he likes being on his tummy, and every time he would reach for one of the toys, he'd roll over! So he was getting a little frustrated. So he learned to roll and discovered he likes toys all in one day! He can also scoot himself a little bit, and he keeps trying to get his legs up under him so that he can crawl. I am betting he starts at least army crawling within the month.

Oh, by the way, he is 8 days shy of three months! My little genius. I think it's time to buy that baby gate, now.

And here is a video of his newfound love of toys.

And finally - him trying to get to his jack-in-the-box toy.

"I love to play!"

"This is like a King sized bed!"

"I'm so happy to see you!"
Jake and his Daddy

Oh yeah...Jake's driving already.

Or maybe he just wants to eat the steering wheel.

This child has no insecurities. He loves sleeping spread eagle like this.

We got these little plastic rings at winco for only about $1.30. It seems the cheapest toys are the ones they love the best!

"Mmmm...can I eat them?"

Oh hi mom!

This is the first toy that he ever cried when I took him OUT of it. He loves to push himself around so he can see what he wants. But he's WAY too small for it still.

What's going on?


(He does this baby situp thing when he wants to sit up. He tries so hard to do things by himself!)

"Ah...this is the life"

"I love this game"

Jake has been super fussy for about the last week. We finally figured out why. He's cutting teeth! We found the tell-tale little white bumps yesterday morning. This makes me extremely sad. I love his adorable toothless smile! My little man is growing so much faster than I want him to. =(


Taffers Dawn said...

He really is growing up so fast! I can't even believe it! He is so super independant. He's so cute. I love his smile, but it's going to be even cuter with a tooth in there.

AJ said...

yay go little Jake!