Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting Ready

Tyler and I are starting to realize just how little time we have left before our little guy gets here. We only have 12-14 weeks left, and we are getting so excited! Last night, we promised each other to take a break from video games and computer stuff and just spend time together and get stuff done. So we watched a movie and put little man's crib together! I am so excited to have it up! We put it in the living room. (I know, not a "normal" place for a baby's crib, but it's the only place in our whole apartment where there is space.) He won't sleep in it at night for a while, but it will be nice to have it out in the living room for naps and whatnot. I won't worry so much about him, and I can do anything I need to do in the living room while he's sleeping. (With the exception of cleaning.) We also got an AMAZING deal on some other things earlier this week! We bought a baby bath tub, a changing table, a changing pad, and the mattress for the crib all for $80! I was so surprised! Changing tables alone are $100+, and this one is REALLY good. It's thick and super sturdy and just perfect. It does not match our crib, (and there's no room in the living room for it anyways) so we put it back in the computer room. (There's an L-shaped room on the south side of our apartment that we use for our computers and storage.) I am very excited about it! Here are some pictures:

The crib. I really love it.

Side view of the crib, and how it fits in the living room.

Beautiful cherry wood changing table. Very solid and sturdy, and it's in brand new condition - no scratches or anything!

The bathtub. The cord is attached to a little pump with a shower attachment.

So that is what we have been up to this week! We are staying busy and just trying hard to not be impatient! (At least on my part. Tyler is almost always very patient.)

The pregnancy is great. I think I have been very lucky so far. Very little to no morning sickness in the first trimester, and this trimester has been great! The only thing that I have had issues with is I started having some spasms in the muscles in my back. My doctor referred me to an AMAZING chiropractor who is basically completely taken care of that problem, along with a few others I wasn't even aware of until he started working on them! (And my body feels so much better now that he has!) So if anyone needs a chiropractor, I have a great one, and a gift certificate for your first visit including an adjustment. But really, I feel like I have been really lucky.

My asthma started acting up pretty bad about a week ago. I think it's because of the inversion problem Utah has had recently. But it got bad enough that my OB could tell immediately when he walked in the room that something was up. He took one look at me and said, "Are you ok? You look like you can't breathe." So I told him I had been having some issues. He prescribed me a new inhaler and a steroid. I don't think I'll use the steroid unless it gets REALLY bad, but my new inhaler works so much better than my old one. I think just because my old one was, well, old. Laying down has been harder with breathing too. I am thinking about getting a wedge and sleeping slightly elevated. My torso is super short, and I think that my uterus may be growing up and putting pressure on my lungs already.

So really, all in all, I have been super lucky. I expected to have breathing issues with such a short torso. I haven't been sick like my mom was, and I haven't had super bad aches and pains like others have in pregnancy. I love being pregnant. I love feeling (and seeing!) our little guy wiggle and squirm.

I have an ultrasound video from our last appointment that I will have to post tomorrow, when Tyler resizes it. He cooperated a little better, but I still had to go back to the ultrasound tech twice because he wouldn't uncurl. But we were able to get a good profile and a straight on of his face. And we were able to see his lips! The detail was incredible! He looks like he has my top lip, and Tyler's profile. =) But it's still early, so we'll see!


Cassie said...

I think it's a great blessing you are having such an nice pregnancy. I also love the baby furniture.

Andrew and Christina said...

I totally love how you've decorated. It's so cute!