Friday, December 4, 2009

This is why I LOVE Jason Sparks

Jason: HAHA you!
where did you get that quote you put on my wall?
where did you get that quote you put on my wall?
oh wow. i didnt mean to do that twice

9:33pmTristanLynn: My life is
without the spaces lol

9:33pmJason: haha ooo i already love it
thank you!

9:34pmTristanLynn: haha you're welcome.
it's a wonderful website.
although, it will take lots of hours of your time.

9:34pmJason: oh before i forget, i realized that u switched ur blog to private

9:34pmTristanLynn: lol yes i did.

9:35pmJason: lol well any time i waste there will now be blamed on you

9:35pmTristanLynn: haha ok
do you want me to invite you to the blog?
i will gladly take the blame

9:35pmJason: so, if you could be so kind as yo add me..YES!

9:35pmTristanLynn: ok i will. what is your email?

9:35pmJason: i remember u sending out a message about this and i kept meaning to do it, and i didnt. and then i tried to get to ur blog and i could not
it was as if I was a mexican and you were the united states

9:36pmTristanLynn: bad example
they get here no problem

9:36pmJason: i meant a law abiding mexican...but that's a bad example too i guess
because they dont exist

9:36pmTristanLynn: haha
what is your middle name again?

9:37pmJason: lol. wonderful. Then ppl will read it and be like that Jason Sparks is nothing but a racist
just R

9:38pmTristanLynn: lies! cause i remember saying something about it

9:38pmJason: my brother and I just received R as middle names. some family thing

9:38pmTristanLynn:'s true isn't it?
you have a brother?
lol i'm way behind

9:39pmJason: oh no he was just born so you're okay

9:39pmTristanLynn: ok i added you. but i changed the URL it's now
the hippie is your brother?!
I had no idea!
I thought that was just a random hippie!

9:39pmJason: lol yeah. he showed up at our door one day and my parents said " jason, this is your new brother"
they tried to hose him down but the hippie smell won't die. it never does.

9:40pmTristanLynn: LOL. Oh gosh. You kill me

9:41pmJason: Why thank you. You have now made me a murderer

9:41pmTristanLynn: You're welcome. You racist murderer

9:41pmJason: and a racist

9:41pmTristanLynn: You should know, Jason, they put you in jail for a lot of years.
But I think you're ok.
Cause you'll have them laughing too hard to beat you up

9:43pmJason: hahaha. Yeah right. I'll say something and then they'll all start laughing, then I'll laugh with them cause I'm nervous, but they'll be laughing about how badly they will all beat me
oh well. it was a good life :):)

9:44pmTristanLynn: haha. you've had a good run.
if you bring spanky, though, they may preserve you longer

9:44pmJason: haha!! thanks!

9:44pmTristanLynn: but spanky is such a flirt....that may be bad for you

9:45pmJason: haha, yeah right! "here criminals, here's a blunt object. It's head is attached to a pole that when ripped out, resembles a stake. Let me give this to you"

9:45pmTristanLynn: HAHAHAHAHA
It may get you in good if you let them use spanky on the guards

9:45pmJason: oh wow you bring up a good point about the flirting
lol and the guards too... i had not thought about this

9:46pmTristanLynn: It's a good thing you know me
And that I have excellent prison knowledte.

9:46pmJason: as far as i know, spanky is 100% straight. so if they are women guards, this will be easy and blood-free

9:46pmTristanLynn: Since yo'u're a racist murderer these days.
Although, my typing skills could obviously use work.

9:47pmJason: haha i know right? I've managed to gain 2 titles in the past 5 minutes
oh i wouldnt worry about those typing skills
as long as its legible thats all i ask
i did notice your extensive prison knowledge....

9:48pmTristanLynn: Don't worry. It's all from stories. Not personal experience

9:49pmJason: the burning in my eyes suggests that last line you wrote is a lie

9:49pmTristanLynn: Jason! I'm so innocent could you not believe me?

9:49pmJason: but I won't question your past

9:50pmTristanLynn: Lol. good idea.

9:50pmJason: because, my dear, you are white. And I am racist.

9:50pmTristanLynn: haha. ok I get it.

9:50pmJason: thanks for adding me to the blog! have a good night :):)

9:51pmTristanLynn: No problem! Good night!

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