Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picture Thieves

So I have had some issues recently with people taking my pictures without permission. It REALLY bothers me. If I want you to have them, I will send them to you in an email. So I have disabled both the left clicking on pictures to enlarge them, as well as the right clicking option. I'm sorry if this is an inconvenience to some, but it was either this or putting my blog private again. I chose this. There are pictures that I have wanted to post on here, but I didn't want others to have them. In the future, when Tyler and I have kids and whatnot, I don't want people to just be able to right click and take my pictures. Especially because there are some situations (in my own family, even) where this could prove to be dangerous for my children. It's really really sad that the world has come to this, and SHAME ON YOU to the people who have contributed to this being a necessity. So, if you see pictures on here that you would like to have, send me an email (likeursoperfect(at)gmail(dot)com). Also, email meif you would like to disable these features yourself. I'll send you the code. I won't post the code here, because I don't want someone to find a way around the code. And I won't give you the code if you don't have a blog, for the same reason. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to JUST disable WITHOUT the pop-up, but you can change the message in the pop-up to whatever you would like.

This WILL make it so that people can't right click on your links as well. However, I have mine set to open in a new tab if you left click them, and you can also ctrl click them to open in a new tab without your browser re-directing you there automatically. Again, sorry for any inconvenience they may cause, but I felt it necessary to protect my family.


JnA said...

Muahaha I'm going to steal ALL your pictures.
Just kidding. That's lame that people are doing that :(
I knew a kid who would take my MySpace pictures and put them on his cell phone how creepy is that? Bleh!

Of course since you made a post about it I had to try it and I have to say, I love the pop-up message haha.

Cassie said...

Yeah, one of my sister's friend took my wedding picture of me and David holding hands for their my space. At least that's what my sister told me. Ugh. That's annoying.

Anon Y. said...

I was just trolling through random blogs when I saw this gem of a post. Someone can just push the print screen button and then crop to get any photo they want. Also if you have facebook then anyone who has access to you there can just copy all of your pictures from there because there is no lock.
The real faux pas here is offhandedly inferring that a member of your family is a pedophile. That is just messed up.