Friday, August 7, 2009

Godzilla? In Provo?

I have insomnia. It's a well known fact among my family and friends. And it sucks. How much sleep last night, you ask? Two and a half hours. I fell asleep a little after 7am. I woke up a little before 10. WHY?? Because I heard booms and my house was shaking. Dream? I wish. But just prior to waking, I was dreaming that Godzilla was loose in Provo. (Probably from the noise and shaking). WHY Godzilla would be in Provo, UT of all places is beyond me. But that's what I thought. And then, being the stupid blonde chick in the movie that I am, I looked out the window to face certain death. Only to find some people working on the street. That was the real cause of the booming and shaking. (Yes, the house was really shaking - it felt like a series of small earthquakes.) *sigh* So much for attempting a few more hours of sleep.

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JnA said...

awwww sorry you had a rough night! I hope you get some sleep tomorrow. I'm like that too though and I'll incorporate sounds I hear into my dreams lol