Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wobber Gobble

I know that I haven't posted very much recently, but there really hasn't been much going on. I have just been on the job hunt, and impatiently waiting for the wedding. (34 days left!!) I am ridiculously excited to join the Hines family. And I'm even more excited for next summer, when we move away from Provo, UT. (Keep your fingers crossed for Reno!) I got my dress a few weeks ago, and my little sister got her bridesmaid dress! It is cute. Allison's is ordered. I'm excited for hers to get here.

Tyler and I have a new hobby - Bike riding! We started about 2 weeks ago. The weather is beautiful now, so we are going every day. Today, we biked up to the park in front of the temple, then down to the provo river trail, to the provo river trail park, back to Tyler's house. A total of only about 3 miles, but it's gorgeous right now with the trees in full bloom. Tomorrow, though, we are doing the same thing, but taking the provo river trail all the way to Utah lake, having lunch, riding back up to that park, and then riding home. We are planning on doing that every day for a bit cause it's a little easier so that I can get in shape. And until we find a new route. So if you know any good routes around here, let us know! We also want to try mountain biking this summer. So that should be pretty fun.

Well, that is an update on life right now. Nothing too exciting, but I'm sure things will get better these next few weeks!!


Allie said...

You should ride up to Bridal Veil Falls. There's a trail that goes along all of University Ave. up to Orem and turns into the Canyon. When I rode it, we started at Wyview and went all the way up. It was fun. But you can also start at the little park just at the beginning of the canyon. It's a beautiful ride.

Likeursoperfect said...

That is the trail that we were on, but we only went through a little part of it. We want to go from the top to the bottom though. =)