Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Frying pans and pot covers? Really?

Who steals 2 frying pans and some pot and pan covers? I'll tell ya who. People who need a life. Or, more specifically, the girl that used to live in my apartment. She came by today to pick up her stuff (which, supposedly, she didn't have anything else here) and she was not supposed to be in the house unattended, because we had problems with her letting herself in earlier in the year. Well, one of my roommates let her in, and then left. (She also brought a boy with her....who does that?) Anyways, I hear her rummaging around in the kitchen, so I asked her if anyone else was home. She said no, so I told her that she can't be here without an escort. She said, "well I'm leaving in a second anyway." So I figured, whatever. About 5 minutes later, I hear the door SLAM shut. So I went downstairs and checked on the stuff. Guess what was missing? You guessed it. Two of my frying pans, ALL of my glass pot and pan covers, and half of my dinnerware set. HOW can you not know that something is not yours, ESPECIALLY when it has someone else's name on them?? I'm so frustrated. And because of the prior problems with the girl, I reported it to management, and the police. The police because if management doesn't do something, at least to the girl that left her unattended, then I can press charges and get reimbursed. I seriously want the girl removed, or I want reimbursed for the stuff I want, and let out of my contract TODAY and reimbursed for the last 2 months that I have been asking them to change the locks and get it in writing that she is not to be on the property unattended. Either of those solutions I feel would be perfectly reasonable.

GAH I am so frustrated.

On a more happy note, Tyler and I signed our contract for the place we will be living when we get married! I am moving in May 1st, and I'm so excited. It's across the street from the graveyard, so if zombies attack, we will be the first to go. But seriously, it's a pretty sweet place. I will see if I can get some pictures to post. If not, I will post them when I move in. It's one bedroom and one bathroom, with little place off the side of the apartment as a "study area." Completely separate from the whole rest of the apartment. It's nice. And there's a HUGE yard, garden plot, walnut trees, and a trampoline. All of which we have all access to. The property owners are this cute old grandparent-like couple, and their whole family lives in the neighborhood. I can't wait to move in! (And I'm even MORE excited for Tyler to move in with me!) But really, the place is adorable. It's $500 a month, with ALL utilities included. (We don't pay any gas, electric, water, sewage, nothing.) 2 parking spaces, and it's furnished! (We just need a mattress, a dresser, and a kitchen table. And if we want, in the future, we can have anything removed and replaced with our own stuff.) So all in all, I think it's a great deal.

The catch? No pets allowed. Which means that someone will be taking care of Orly for us until we can either A) Convince the couple to let us have a kitty, or B) move to a new place. And we are selling Dex tomorrow. I am very sad about this. We've only had him for a few weeks! But, he wasn't really bonding to us anyway, so maybe it's a good thing that we can't have pets.

So I'm frustrated, elated, and excited. What a strange mix of emotions.

Another good thing: I got to go to conference, live and in person. THAT was an amazing experience. I definitely underestimated the impact that seeing and hearing the prophet speak in person would have. It was truly amazing.

Alright, folks. I will post pictures of the new place soon, and hopefully have an update on my stolen dishes situation soon!

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