Monday, February 2, 2009


I feel like I got so much done today. After we went to Lunch, Tyler and I headed over to Bed Bath and Beyond to do our wedding registry. It was so much fun! But there were some things that we loved, but that were kind of pricey, so we also chose similar items that were less costly. (Sorry if the registry seems confusing to anyone!) It's still early, but we don't think we need anything else. If you'd like to see it, go here. I definitely recommend BB&B to anyone who ever plans on getting married. They are wonderful, and very easy to work with. And they have every household item you could possibly need!

Anyways, after we got done there, we went to Ross. (What a great store!) We each got 2 new shirts for our engagement session on Saturday. Then we went to Costco to get gas, and to DownEast Basics for a few lace undershirts for me.

When we got back to my house, we put our name labels on all of our Bed Bath & Beyond registry cards, and put them into the invitations. I love that we have so much done with 3 and a half months left to go! (There was another couple who was registering at the same time as us. They haven't done engagements or sent out invitations yet, and their Wedding is mid-March! I would be freaking out!)

Anyways, I feel like we got a lot done today. And Tyler liked it to - He got to be in charge of the scanner. Which meant pretending to scan me at every possible opportunity. I love that man.

I have also installed a tracker thing on my blog. And noticed that people from Australia, Ohio, and Midvale, UT have been reading my blog. Which is fine. Read it all you want. But I would love to know who you are, so please leave a comment or something! Thanks!

Happy Monday to all. Have a great week!


Andrew and Christina said...

He he ... the scanner was Drew's favorite thing too. It's just so obvious that that would be the thing that they would be in charge of (or drawn to for that matter), another toy for them to play with! Who's doing your pictures? Did you find a good photographer? I'm sorry I haven't e-mailed you back, but I will soon since I always have lots to say.

Likeursoperfect said...

Haha. Yeah, boys and their toys. Someone named Rachael Tyler is doing our pictures. We got a way good deal, and she's pretty good, too. is her website. Haha, it's ok. My email to you was kind of a novel, so I don't blame you for taking time to write back.

imakeyouseestars said...

i want a tracker!

but then i might have to update my blog once in awhile... dunno if i could do that...