Saturday, January 31, 2009

Indecision is the Key to Flexibility.

Wow, what a week! I am so happy that I decided to buy a day planner. I think I would be failing at life (Like, with an F-) if I hadn't. (And you thought I didn't need one Tyler. Silly silly man.) So anyways, I had plans every day this week, except for Tuesday. 3 doctors appointments (2 being form tiny mini-procedures, and one being the eye doctor for my yearly exam), my dress fitting, and choosing our wedding cake. Why 3 doctors appointments, you ask? Because thanks to my being laid off, my insurance expires, well, today. So I had to take advantage of it while I still could!

One of my tiny mini-procedures was having a mole removed. I had a mole on my chest that had grown significantly in the last 2 months. It used to look like a freckle. The day I had it removed it had grown about twice it's original size, and had 3 raised spots in the middle - 2 dark brown and 1 red. So my doctor said I should probably have it removed. And since it is my personal opinion that my doctor is not a quack (and my insurance was about to go out and I wanted to milk them for all their worth) I decided I better do it a-sap. The funny thing about this was I was SO nervous for it, and I didn't feel a thing! I barely even felt the needle when she put it in to numb me, and I didn't feel the sting that was supposed to come with the lidocain at all. It was bliss. So, being the wuss that I am (and actually, I have a side note when I'm done with this story. Keep reading.) I decided not to look. And then I changed my mind. But by the time I had changed my mind, she had already taken off the mole! (WARNING: the rest of this paragraph is a description, so don't read if you have a weak stomach.) So when I looked down, all I saw was a hole in my chest. It was so weird, but so cool! (It felt very weird to be looking at this perfectly round hole in my chest and not be able to feel a thing anywhere around it.)

I got one stitch. I'm so proud. It's my very first stitch ever. So now I just have a tiny little line with a piece of string through it, and a bruise around it. No big deal at all.

So, on to my sidenote. I've discovered that I'm really not a wuss. My body just really can't tolerate pain. So it's not my fault, it's my body's. This is how I found out. Monday was my first little procedure. (I'd rather not disclose the details on this one, let's just say it was a bit more dramatic than the last one, and involved cramps that I interpreted to feel like labor pains. And the doctor said I was probably right.) SOOOO, as soon as the procedure was over, (and I had been cramping throughout the whole thing because of it) I just stayed laying down for a minute. Then I sat up. Then I tried to get up to put on my clothes. Well, as soon as that was done, I felt so lightheaded, I just about passed out. And I got REALLY nauseaus. So I sat back down and got hit with the worst pain I think I have ever felt in my life. According to Tyler (obviously, I can't see my own face) I went so pale that even my lips were white. I laid down and did not get back up for a good 40 minutes. Before the procedure, my doctor had me take 800 mg of Ibuprofen. That, my dear friends, didn't do a thing. So, they gave me phentermine (sp?) for the nausea. Which worked wonders - for the nausea. Nada for the pain. (Keep in mind, both of these drugs burn your muscle as they go in. It didn't bug me til afterwards, when the pain was gone, but both my shoulders/upper arms were sore.) And then I just laid there and continued to have these cramps (Which came and went in waves about 30 seconds apart. Much like labor contractions.) until both medicines kicked in and I fell asleep. Tyler woke me up after that and said it was time to go. But, back to the point, that is what happens when I'm in pain. So really, I don't think I'm a wuss, I think that my body just really can't tolerate it. I'm thinking epidural early into labor is the way to go for me.

Whew! That was a long side note.

Ok, so in my post a few days ago, I was lazy and I should have just given you the links for the cake. You can see the cake that we picked here and the diamond design that I was talking about on the middle layer of this cake. There is a link at the bottom of each page for a larger image. And of course, the flowers will be different. It's a butter cream icing, which means that everyone can actually have the cake with icing! (Instead of the fondant that is so fashionable these days - and apparently tastes like rubber.)

Another exciting thing. Tyler's grandpa expressed interest in making his ring! Tyler still isn't sure if he wants yellow gold (which is what is grandpa can do) or tungsten, but I think he's going to let Grandpa do it. We both think he is amazing, and are very touched by his offer. And what a sentimental heirloom that could become! So he is looking at molds to see if he can find something that he likes. I'll let you know what he decides!

On the bright side, being so busy has kept me active, and is definitely helping me with my goal to get healthy! I'm finally seeing results for my work, and I'm ecstatic! Speaking of, I went for my dress fitting today, and I purposely ordered the dress a size too small, because I've been losing weight. Well, it fits! It's a little tight, but I can move in it and everything. My cousin said I could go all the way down to a size 4 and the dress would still fit and look really good, (she works for the designer) so I don't have to order a smaller size, and it feels SO good to have visible results! I wish I could post pictures, but since Tyler is on here frequently, I can't.

Another side note - (I'm full of them today!) I'm getting pretty good on photoshop. (Not to be boastful. I'm just finally learning my way around the program.) I'm thinking about printing some things out and creating (and possibly selling, if I get good enough) scrapbook page kits. I think there could be some money in it here in Utah, and it could help out a bit while I'm between jobs. Any thoughts? (Let me know if you are interested.)

Well, it is once again 3AM. (What is my PROBLEM? I've only been sleeping 6 hours the past few nights and I STILL can't fall asleep at a decent time.) And we have a busy day tomorrow! (Draper Temple Open House, spending the afternoon with some of my family in SLC, and starting our wedding registry!)

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