Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nair for Short Shorts!

So I attempted to use nair on my legs today. Just to see if it worked, and if it was a good alternative to shaving. The answer, my dear readers, is that it is totally not worth it. I now have a burning rash on my legs, and I had to go over them with a razor to get the missed hairs anyways. I may, however, use it on my knees. My knees have not been this smooth since I was a baby. They probably have also not had as little skin as they do now, but that part MAY be worth it. (Blonde hair is easy to miss, and I think I'll take a rash and a little less skin over the no skin I get by skewering my knees with a razor to get them smooth. Well, hairless, anyway.)

I did this little experiment before going to the tumbling gym tonight (which was SO fun, thanks Cassie and David!) Tyler and David, and then Cassie and I sumo wresteled in blow-up sumo suits. It was hysterical, and I wish we had gotten pictures! I hope we are able to hang out with them more often! They are a lot of fun, and I had only seen them once since leaving Chicago. (Which is ridiculous, because I live 50 yards away from them.)

Anyways, that was my super fun adventures for the day. The agenda for tomorrow: Rock climbing and geocaching! SO excited!

The end.

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