Saturday, January 17, 2009


Tyler proposed today. It was the most wonderful, creative proposal I have ever seen. It started off as a normal Saturday filled with geocaching. We went to the first cache, which was very normal. Then we went to the second cache. At first, I couldn't find the container. (The hint was small tupperware container.) So, I was standing exactly where the coordinates were. Then Tyler said that it was only 20 feet accuracy, so maybe I should walk around a bit. (The coordinates were right where a big old anti-aircraft gun, so there was a bit of space where the cache could possibly be.) So I went around to the other side, and I found a tupperware container wrapped in camoflauge tape. I opened up the container, and it was filled with rose petals and a small black box. It took me about a half second to realize, "wait a minute....this isn't a cache!" At which point Tyler took the box from me, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes. So I am now engaged to be Mrs. Tyler Alan Hines! (Wow....I really am getting old, to be becoming a MRS!) I am SO excited. And the ring is BEAUTIFUL! Everything was perfect. My future husband is so amazing and creative! Anyways, here are some pictures that Tyler took last night when he was getting things ready. =)

The Ring

The container

Side view of the ring

Orly attacking the roses

Orly claiming the roses for her own

Inside the container with the box open

The way I found it. =)


Andrew and Christina said...

Tristan! How romantic and perfect! It sounds like Tyler really did a good job! Props to Tyler. I am so excited for you guys. You are going to love married life! Just reading your blog made me all tingling inside and remember being engaged. I think it was my favorite time because when you are engaged you are filled with such love and yearning to be with that one person forever and hope for the future (not to say you don't have hope after marriage, but the kind of hope you have after marriage changes... children, eternity, the temple, success, etc.) Anyways, I'm trying to say that I am so excited! And I really hope that you two will eventually move to Nevada so we can all play all the time. Welcome to the Family! Love, Christina

imakeyouseestars said...

So I am now engaged to be Mrs. Tyler Alan Hines! (Wow....I really am getting old, to be becoming a MRS!)


but i really have to give major props to tyler. that took some thought and planning. and origionality. congratulations! and all the stuff christina said. you are about to embark on the most wonderful experience of your life. And I am so proud of you.

I can't wait till you make it down to show me the ring. (and i think it's hilarious how that silly cat decided to steal your roses :P)

i love you! and congratulations again!