Sunday, December 21, 2008

Is it Christmas Yet?

Today seems much longer than I think it really was. I woke up this morning, and got ready for the day. Then I went and picked up Tyler and Allison, and we went to Burger King for lunch. (I know it's Sunday. We're horrible people. Blah blah blah - Allison and I just moved in to our new place and we have no foods.) Then we went back to Tyler's. And watched as their flight was delayed more and more. So we finally left at 4:30. (The original takeoff time was 4:10.) But flights were delayed everywhere. What can ya do? Their actual takeoff time was 8:50 ish. I was really sad, because now I won't see Tyler for 5 days. =( But when I DO see him, it means I'll be in Gardnerville! Yay!

When we got to the airport, their flight had been delayed more, so I parked and hung out with them til around 6. Then I finally had to leave, because my family's Christmas party was tonight. So I headed to my uncle's house, but unfortunately one thing was wrong on the directions, so it took me almost an hour to get there when it only should have taken around 30 minutes. But I was there for a while. Ate and hung out with my family. Good times.

After that, I went to Tyler's and picked up Orly and headed home. Orly likes it in my room. I haven't hardly unpacked anything, so she is having fun exploring. I miss Tyler, but I'm excited for this coming week. Everything should be really fun! Christmas is only 4 days away, and I head down to Vegas in 2. =D I'm really excited!

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