Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

So, for Thanksgiving this year, I went home with my boyfriend, Tyler. His family lives in Garnderville, NV, about an hour out of Reno (just for some background.) It's about an 8-9 hour drive from Provo. So, we decided to leave the Friday before Thanksgiving, when I got off work. Lucky for us, my boss let me go an hour early. (Because we weren't doing anything. Work was dead.) So we left around 4, so we missed all the rush hour traffic and everything. It was great. We stopped in Wendover for dinner, and then in Elko for gas, and we stayed at Tyler's brother and sister-in-law's house in Reno for the night. Orly came with us, and she was fantastic in the car! At first she wanted to explore, but she's a kitten. After she was done with that (she spent about 30 minutes exploring) she sat in my lap or Allison's lap for the rest of the drive and just slept. She was great. But she didn't really get along with Andrew and Christina's kitties. She was actually really a brat to them. So on Saturday, we got up and went frisbee golfing. That was a lot of fun! I had never done that before. Then we went to lunch and watched the BYU game, and Tyler's parents came up for that. After that, we went back to Andrew and Christina's and got our stuff and headed down to Gardnerville.

Tyler's house has been so much fun! His family is way nice and really fun. Yesterday (Thanksgiving day) we went up to get a Christmas Tree. It was really neat because they actually go up to the mountains and cut down a tree. While we were up there, we took a few pictures, and they did their Hines family Christmas card picture.

Here are a few pictures from the Christmas Tree trip.

Christina and Julie dodging the snowballs.

Tyler and Me.

Me and the Hines kids.

Hines Family Photo '08.

Walking up the hill after cutting down the tree.

Tyler and Drew carrying the tree.

After we brought the tree home, we went out to the shooting range.

Tyler and me. And the .22 pistol I learned on.

Allison and Me watching the boys.

Me shooting an AK-47.

You probably shouldn't mess with us. ;)

Our Charlie's Angel's Pose.
I was holding Drew's gun, which I loved. I'm excited to buy my own!

After we were done at the range, we came home and had dinner! The missionaries came by for a bit, and we played apples to apples. It was pretty fun. So far, this vacation has been AMAZING! Even Orly has had a wonderful time. I don't want to go back to Provo! I really wish I was done with school (or ready for grad school) so that I could move closer to a place like this. Northern Nevada is beautiful, and Tyler's family is great! I'm sad there's only 2 days left! But then I'll be back in 4 weeks at Christmas Break!

Anyways, that's the tales of my Thanksgiving vacation so far!

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Allie said...

I'm glad you're having such a great time! I don't want the vacation to end, either! I've had a blast. I'm so glad you came down to spend Thanksgiving with us :)