Friday, May 18, 2012

Four Months, Checkups, Mother's Day, and Speech.

Everett is 4 and a half months old now! I took his pictures on the day he hit 4 months, but I have been a terrible blogger this past year. He is just as adorable as ever!

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At four months:
Rolling Back to Belly
SO close to rolling belly to back, but his cloth diapers make it hard.
He is a giggly little guy! So cute, and always smiling.
He likes to fake laugh for as long as we will laugh at him.
He loves the "tickle monster."
He absolutely adores Jake. He will smile and laugh at him. He's more happy to see Jake in the morning than he is me!
(Side note: In the mornings, when we go to get E when he wakes up, J runs in and says "HIIIIIIIIII!" in the same tone I use when he first wakes up. Cutest thing ever!)
His hair is still curly as ever. Try as I may, I can't ever get it to lay flat!
His eyes have become the gorgeous super-blue that J's are.
If the TV is on, he will twist himself into unimaginable positions to see it.
He loves his jumperoo!
He still insists on being swaddled at night. (I don't know how we are ever going to break that habit!)
He still usually sleeps in his swing during the day.
He sleeps 6-8 hours straight at night, wakes up for a feeding, and sleeps another 3-5 hours. (He usually doesn't wake up until 10:30 or 11am.)
He naps when Jake does (between 12 and 1) for 2-3 hours, and takes one more nap in the evening around 5 or 6 for about an hour. Sometimes he goes back down between 8 and 9pm, and wakes briefly to nurse back to sleep when we go to bed between 10 and 11, and sometimes he doesn't go down until we do.
He has no interest in sitting unless someone is holding him. (I know I shouldn't compare, but J was sitting on his own at this point, so I was a little surprised E didn't.)
He is super smiley and talkative, he giggles a lot, and he does happy "shrieks" all the time."
He and I both still go through multiple outfit changes every day due to his spitting up. He hasn't lost weight or even quit gaining, so the pediatrician isn't worried.

A quick update on J:
We started speech therapy this month, and he is picking up words like crazy now!
He can now say Hi, Buh-bye, hot, mom(!!!!!! He said it for the first time last night and meant me!!!!!) dad, that, yes, no, light (sounds the same as hot, you have to tell by the context), wow, whoa, uh-oh, tick tock for clock, zoom zoom for car, and ow. He also says Dee? But it means about ten different things.
He still signs more, please, milk, water (means just about all drinks), and eat when he is hungry.

He has known all his body parts since about 15 months. He points to them. He knows head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, cheeks, chin, arms, hands, belly button, knees, legs, feet, and toes. He smacks his own bottom when we ask him where his butt is, and he knows where his boy parts are. (I taught him that one because he kept confusing it with belly button, so I kept telling him no, those are your boy parts. He eventually got it.)

He also does really well with animal sounds. He knows cat, dog, cow, bird (he does the same sound for all birds), elephant, giraffe (makes a slurping noise for their long tongues), monkey, lizard (although that is just sticking his tongue in and out, it's not a sound. It's the same thing for snake.), horse, sheep, lion, and tiger.

He likes to pull me over to the computer and say zoom zoom? Because his daddy showed him some drag races on youtube, and now he is obsessed!

Ok, enough with the journal writing! They had their 4 month and 2 year appointments on the 10th.

         Everett                            Jake 
                13lbs 12oz                                         23 lbs 5oz
                  25 inches                                         32.5 inches
                               16.5 inch head circumference                                                                  

They are growing so fast! Jake is still a tiny little thing, though.

And now on to Mother's Day.
We didn't do much. (We skipped church. I know, we are awful.) Tyler let me sleep in, and bought me an elliptical machine! I am so excited. Now I can run every day even if I can't leave the house!

We went to dinner at Julie's house, and had a photoshoot with her, Grandma Marje, and the boys as their mother's day gift. I ordered prints for them, and I am giving my mom and grandma 8x10s of each of the boys as well.

Here's what we got!
(I should also mention that I normally shoot in AV mode on my camera. I decided to try manual for this shoot and I am NEVER going back!)

I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day!

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