Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's 3:30, and I Can't Sleep

So, I'll blog! So much is going on in the life of the Hines Family right now! We are in the process of packing up our house, selling some furniture, getting a storage unit, and moving! Tyler recently lost his internship. The man that owned the company he was interning at came in on a Monday morning and said, "I'm going out of business. Today is my last day. Sorry." So we have been back at square one on that front. The frustrating part is that it's the ONLY thing he has left to get his diploma! He's been searching for a new one, and it's just not happening here in Provo/Orem. We have two options on where we are going.

Option 1: Kansas City. (The most likely option, but we won't make our final decision until tomorrow or Monday.) I have a friend who is out there with her husband, and he is selling pest control. It's a newer company, and they are doing really well! So Tyler would be doing summer sales out there and hopefully making enough that we would be able to get some money saved up for a new car and for our BIG move after his internship. This option would put us in KC until September, and then we would move to Gardnerville, NV where he has a guaranteed internship.

Option 2: Gardnerville, NV. We could skip Kansas City altogether and just move to G-ville. Tyler would still work through the summer and possibly get a few internship hours, and then still do his internship full time in the fall. This would save a move, but the money-making potential is a LOT less than it would be if we went out to Kansas City. However, we would be living at Tyler's Grandma's house (or his parents'. They live across the street from each other, so whatever.) So we wouldn't have any rent or utility expenses. Just food and whatnot.

We're doing a lot of praying and trying to decide what is best for our little family! There's so much that has to happen between now and December. It's seriously stressing me out!

In other news, Jake is a year old! I can't believe it's been over a year since my little guy was born. It amazes me how much he has grown and changed and learned in just one year. But that is another post altogether, and I get teary eyed thinking about it. (He has a record of 2 and a half steps now, too! He's pretty close to walking!) I really need to get everything down so I don't forget!

Um, pregnancy. I'm 12 weeks, now. It's so crazy to think about having kids. And 2 under 2 at that! I'm so nervous. This pregnancy (like Jake's) was unplanned. And to get personal, I feel like not even abstinence is going to work as birth control for us! I've been pregnant on the Mirena IUD (ended in a miscarriage), on the pill (Jake), and now on the Natural Family Planning/Breastfeeding/Condom method. (Granted, we weren't being AS careful as we should have been this time.)

This pregnancy is so much different. I hope that means it's a girl! (I will truly be happy with a healthy baby. But it would be nice to not be outnumbered anymore. Plus, girl clothes are just so darn cute!) I'm a LOT sicker this time, and I'm STILL sick! I was put on a pill called Zofran. It usually helps a bit, but lately it just keeps me from puking. So I still have to suffer the nausea without the brief post-puking relief. I'd say I'll just quit taking it, but sometimes it works and takes the nausea too. So it's a risk I guess I'm willing to take.
I started this pregnancy 15 lbs lighter than with Jake, but I'm already up 5 lbs. (I lost in the beginning with Jake.) I have a lot of headaches, but Tylenol generally takes care of them. And I'm already showing! I thought I was crazy, but my doctor said that my uterus is indeed above my pubic bone already - and that was at 10 weeks.

I'm nervous about having a Christmas-time baby. I am not expecting to have this little one before New Years Eve, since Jake was a week late. But I don't want to be induced this time. Call me crazy, or a hippie, or whatever - but I want to try for a natural birth. (If you had told me I'd be saying this even 2 years ago, I'd have you committed. Seriously. But I had such an awful recovery with my induction, I'd like to see the difference. I'll take the pain for 10 hours if it means I'm not in pain and so swollen my feet jiggle when I walk for a week after!)

We have definitely gotten some negativity about this pregnancy. Which really saddens me. While it's not the timing we would have hoped for, we are happy to bring another adorable baby into the world. I feel like, if anything, people should be supportive, not negative. It truly makes me want to tell people that if they can't keep their negative attitudes to themselves, then they never have to see the baby when s/he is here! (But that would be rude.) There's nothing that can be done about it now, so I just don't see the point to voicing negative opinions. Especially when it is up to Tyler, me, and Heavenly Father when we bring children into our family. And frankly, it's not the place of anyone else to say otherwise. (Steps off soap box)

I still need to blog about Jake's birthday party(ies), our trip to California and Nevada, and getting to do my brother's grad pics (and his girlfriend's) and my nephew's newborns! But I'm finally getting tired!

And if you made it through this whole thing, I applaud you! I'm just going to put in a sneak peak of little Asher. And of course, a picture or two of the Jaker!

Little Asher

Small Fry

Telling Papa Duran all about it.

My little man sure loves his mommy. =)

P.S. Looking at these pictures makes me realize how much he has grown and changed just in the last 2 weeks! He is starting to look more like a toddler, and less like a baby. =(

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Christina said...

It's crazy how much is happening in this year for you! But the years just seem to get crazier and crazier the older you get. I hope you have a girl! I am truly SO empathetic about the pregnancy sickness. Hopefully it will disappear after the first trimester. Mine did, but I know lots of people who are sick the entire pregnancy. We'll be praying for you and the little babe! At least you can rest assured that it's a good sign your body is doing exactly what it's meant to do. It actually scared me a bit when I wasn't sick b/c I was always worried about the baby. A winter baby will definitely be different but what a great Christmas present!