Thursday, June 10, 2010

For Memory

Because I suck at writing in a journal, I'm going to use this to keep track of Jake's milestones.
So this may be boring for you, but feel free to read if you want!

Rolled from belly to back - 14 days
Lost umbilical cord stump - 18 days
First plane ride - 9 days
**A few more
PICC line out - 22 days
First hospital stay - Days 8-12
First real smile - 27 days
First "real" bath - 26 days

That's really all I have right now. I just didn't want to forget. I'm sure there will be lots more of these posts later.

And as a treat for reading:

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Taffers Dawn said...

I can't believe he already rolled over and that he smiles in pictures! So cute!