Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Busy Week

This last week has been pretty busy. Tyler didn't have work or class on Wednesday, so we drove down to Vegas on Tuesday night. Wednesday was fun. We went to the movies with my dad and saw Old Dogs. It was better than I expected it to be - a lot funnier. We also went around to a few guitar stores and pawn shops to get ideas and prices for guitars. We went to one of the pawn shops that was featured on the show "pawn stars." This guy walked over to me and handed me an autographed photo of the owners. I was thinking, "what the heck do I want with this?!" Also, because they were on TV, they thought that meant they could charge retail price for all their used crap. It was ridiculous. Thursday was, of course, Thanksgiving. We spent it with my cousin Jessica and her husband Kevin. It was a lot of fun. Kevin did the Turkey, and it was AMAZING! I was so impressed. Very juicy and the way he seasoned it was just really really good. I expected to help with more, but I mostly just made the mashed potatoes. I made garlic mashed potatoes, and I'd never made mashed potatoes before - let alone something more complicated - so I was happy with how they turned out. Then we went back to my dad's house. He had also made a turkey and homemade stuffing. YUM! We ended up taking a little over half of everything he made home with us. I'm excited for turkey sandwiches and such! And then Friday we just made the drive home.

Saturday was the HOLY WAR! It was an amazing game. BYU was ahead 20-6 in the 1st half, but Utah came back and we ended up in overtime. I thought the Cougars were finished, and I was SO disappointed in Max Hall. He does NOT do well under pressure. Utah scored a field goal in OT, and I REALLY thought they were going to win. But we got a lucky break. I think all of Utah's defense was on Pitta because Andrew George was WIDE OPEN. Max threw it to him, and there was no one between him and the end zone, so he ran it in! It was incredibly lucky, but I am SO GLAD! I also got really lucky with a seat. (I get in to all the games because Tyler's boss gives me a work pass. So I'm in, but I don't have a seat.) I was standing right at the 50 yard line just watching the game waiting for them to tell me I couldn't stand there, when I noticed that a seat only 2 rows back RIGHT on the 50 was empty. I asked the lady next to it if it was taken, and she said no and that I could have it! (Which was very lucky because the security guys were eyeing me like they were ready to come tell me to leave.) This was right at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, so I got to sit there for the rest of the game. And the lady next to me was so cute. She was just like a little old Grandma. She kept asking if I was warm enough and everything and even after I said I was fine, she spread out her blanket and put half of it on my lap. It was funny. But she was so nice to let me sit with her. I was really happy. And the game was so exciting and suspenseful. I swear it gave me an ulcer. =)
Today we got to go up to Sandy for a baby blessing. Tyler's friend from Carson City, Kate, and her husband Dave just had an adorable little girl. So we went up for her blessing and a lunch afterward. Their family is so nice and they all seem really fun. Thanks for inviting us, Robinson family!
I guess the only thing left is belly pictures! We didn't take any for week 15 (sad) but we took some today for week 16! Mooch moved over this morning. S/he has been sitting on my left side for like a week and a half now, but this morning s/he was right in the middle! And making me sick. I woke up slightly nauseous with a bad stomach ache. The nausea is gone, but the aches come and go. I think I am feeling the baby more where it is though. It's nice to be able to know for sure that it's the baby moving. We have the gender ultrasound on Tuesday! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I told Tyler we have to plan something fun for tomorrow because if I have nothing to do all day I might go crazy! Anyways, here are the belly pics!

Left Side

Right Side

Random side shot. This one shows about how big I really am. The straight side shots make me look a little bigger.
I am happy that the baby is more in the middle now. It's true about the postioning. I am finally starting to "pop" and look more rounded out.

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David and Kate said...

Thanks so much for coming; it was so fun to have you. Can't wait to find out what you are having. It's a little more fun when you get the rounder belly... You're lookin cute btw. I don't think my belly ever got that round. She sat way up inside most of the time.