Saturday, October 24, 2009

200 Days and Counting

So, I know that it is FAR too early to start a daily countdown or anything, but I am getting so excited to really start feeling pregnant! My first trimester is just about over, and as far as pregnancy goes, I think the 2nd trimester will be the most exciting! I'll start showing, get to feel the baby kicking, and find out the gender! (Some of you might think the 3rd is the most exciting because you get to meet the baby. But the baby comes after pregnancy is over, so that doesn't count in my pregnancy excitement. ;] ) I took my "11 week" picture the other day. Don't be fooled though. I look like I have a little bit of a bump. But in reality, I think baby is just pushing my tummy fat forward a little bit.

I'll try to always wear this shirt, or a shirt that looks similar (since once springtime comes its back to short sleeves.) so that you can see progress. That's pretty much it. My appetite is definitely coming in, and I still have dry mouth. But the spurts of energy are coming much more often. That has definitely felt better than sitting uselessly on my couch. And I have been able to exercise for at least a few minutes every day for the last 2 weeks, so that has helped quite a bit, too! Here's the other side, for reference.

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JnA said...

congrats! Try to keep up with the weekly pictures (or at least every 2 weeks) it's fun to look back and see your progress.
And funny about the end of pregnancy, I've been thinking of the birth of the baby and the weeks following as the 4th trimester lol.