Monday, September 7, 2009

Long time

Yes, it's been awhile. Yes, I'm terrible about blogging. Especially when there is nothing to blog about.

Tyler and I both started school. My classes all seem pretty easy, and that is probably because I am taking them from UVU. (Nothing against UVU, but it is much much easier than even my junior college in Chicago was.) Tyler is taking really hard classes this semester. It's all he has left - hard classes. Poor guy.

And I realized, I have at least a 3-day weekend every month this semester. September - Labor Day Weekend. October - Fall break (4-day weekend) November - Thanksgiving (5-day weekend.) And then, of course, Christmas, but that is just after the end of the semester. So it will be really nice to have those little breaks from school. It's too bad BYU doesn't have a fall break. That would be the perfect time to get away.

But that is really all that has been going on recently. I am excited for October for Halloween, and for Jessica's baby shower! Lots of exciting things coming up this semester, so there will be a lot to blog about soon!


Taffers Dawn said...

I liked UVU but I must say that I really like Weber State, it's a good school. I bet the two of them are pretty much alike in the acedemic area, byu just seems so intense, UVU and Weber just seem a bit more relaxed, thank goodness i must say!

Likeursoperfect said...

I have to agree. It is way laid back. The sad thing about UVU, though, is that I can skip classes and still get an A on the test. I feel like maybe it's not enough of a challenge. I should probably stop complaining and enjoy it while I can, though. Once we move, it will be so much different! I'm so glad that you like Weber! We need to get together soon!