Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wedding Picture Preview

These are the pictures that our photographer has on her blog right now. You can also see them at I will post the rest (or put them on photobucket and post the link) for you to see when I get them.

So far, this one is our favorite.

I also really like this one.

Fountain! We got this just in time. The fountain turned off just a minute later.

This shot is pretty cool. You can't see it, but I'm really holding on for dear life cause I felt like I was going to fall.

My dad walking me down the aisle at the ring ceremony.

Just after the ring ceremony

The rings.

Our first dance.

We danced to "Me and Mrs. Jones" performed by Michael Buble.

Bouquet toss!

Kathi caught I should be going to her wedding here soon.

I love the stairs at White Willow.

Getting ready to leave....

This is a funny picture - one of my favorites. I was peaking out of the Groom's Dressing Room.

I really like the bubbles in this picture. It turned out really cool.

Leaving the reception!

The end.
Kind of.
I'll post the rest when we get them!

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Home Sweet Home with the Englehart's... said...

YOu were a BEAUTIFUL Bride! I love all the pics!