Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've Got a Lov-a-ly Bunch of Coconuts [Diddleedee]

Here are some more engagements. I know I posted them on facebook, but a lot of you don't have facebook! So, I will share them here instead. =) I think that my choice of shirt was poor, because my body looks oddly shaped in some of these. Oh well.

This is Tyler's edit of one of her photos.

The Photographer's edit of the same photo.

I LOVE this one! We haven't seen the rest, but so far this is our pic for the photo to send to everyone in the invitations.

I love how she got the whole entryway to the alleyway.

She wanted us to do a dip-kiss. And she had us in this dip for a good minute and a half.

Our feet.

I like this one! We look so cute and happy!

So, when we saw this puddle, it was actually super dirty and gross looking. But I LOVE how the picture turned out! It looks very cool now. And the newspaper floating in it makes it look cooler, in my opinion.

Gross but true story - my pinky finger had actually been bleeding right around my cuticle. And I didn't realize it until after most of our pictures had been taken. So I have dried blood on my finger in this picture. I'm excited to see how it looks without the ring colored!

I love the angle on this one. Rachael actually got down on her belly to take this picture, and it turned out wonderfully!


Wall. See what I mean about the weird body shape?


And that's all we have for now, but hopefully we will have the rest in the next week or so!


Julie Mom said...

Your favorite is my favorite too! That one gets my vote. Very cute of both of you.

Julie Mom said...

And ... I like Tyler's edit of the photo WAY better than the photographer's edit. It looks like you are in "Across the Universe" movie poster or something. Good job, Tyler!!

Likeursoperfect said...

Yeah, he did a WAY good job. I usually don't like the oversaturated color in pictures, but he knows when to do it so it will turn out really neat. He's so talented. =)

imakeyouseestars said...

sweet! i think she did a good job. my connection sucks right now, so it's taking forever for web pages to download :( hopefully it will be better when i get home.

Allie said...

These are so cool! You both are so photogenic! I love the silhouette one :D

David and Kate said...

Cute pictures! You guys are so cute together. I am so excited for your wedding! I'm excited to keep in better touch with you guys with blogging. Hope all the planning continues to go well... its a crazy time.

Justin and Fiola Berrett said...

I love all of your pictures! You look beautiful in all of them!