Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weeks of Wonders!

It feels like forever since I last posted anything, and I haven't even had to work! But life has been super busy. Tyler and I chose our wedding cake. If you'd like to see the idea of the one we chose, go to The one we chose is number 91, but with a diamond pattern instead of the swirls.

We have done quite a bit in the last little while. I turned 21 last Wednesday, and to celebrate, we had dinner at Nicoitalia's pizza! (My favorite Provo pizza.) We had a bunch of friends come, it was very fun.

Birthday Girl!

Allison and John were too good for cheese and pepperoni, so they got a Marc Anthony instead.

Happily Engaged Couple!

Cheryl, Me, and Mac Daddy. The girls reunited!

The whole Group! (From left to right: John, Allie, Mikkel, Me, Tyler, Landon, Cheryl, and Megan.) The guy who took the picture was someone in Tyler's ward who happened to be there. He was so funny, we couldn't stop laughing!

I also got to make my first alcoholic purchase! (Don't worry, it's just burgundy to cook with.)

Pretending to drink it.
Laughing at something Allie said.

Seriousish pose.

The weekend after my birthday, Tyler, me, Allison, and John all took a mini-vacation to Vegas. We went to Hoover Dam, made TONS of dam jokes, and then we went to the strip. There are a lot of pictures from the trip, but they are posted on Facebook, which will be much easier than uploading them to blogger, because it takes an eternity.

So that has pretty much been my life lately! It's been a very good 2 weeks - I got engaged, turned 21, and went to Vegas. I'm very much enjoying being engaged, even though it is a TON of work! Life without a job is a little stressful, but hopefully I won't be in this position much longer!

And, on a final note, I have lost 4 lbs since my blog of goals! YAY! (My dress fitting is on Friday, so that makes me happy!)

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