Monday, November 3, 2008


****Before you read: There are kind of spoilers in this, but nothing that you wouldn't see from doing research on the actual story.**********

So, for Halloween, Tyler and I opted to have a date night, instead of dressing up and whatnot. We went to see the new movie "Changeling." I do not recommend this movie to ANYONE. Unless you enjoy watching small children being murdered. This movie, at points, made me feel physically ill. It was very graphic in depiciting the murders of the children. And the movie, overall, will just make you angry, and there is no resolve in the ending. Terrible terrible terrible! I spent the majority of the movie either angry, or in tears.

Anyways, on to more interesting topics.....3 weeks and 1 day until the trip to Nevada for Thanksgiving! I'm so ridiculously stoked. =) And....BYU football. Has anyone else noticed how crappy we have been playing the last few games? I'm losing respect for the team, and that is a dang shame. I honestly would not be surprised if we lost to Utah. I spend most of the games that I attend frustrated, either with the teams, or with the blind, bad-call-making, idiot refs. But, it happens, right? It's a game, and there's always next year. Even if it doesn't feel like it now.

And, on to another random topic, tomorrow is election day. And I hate both candidates. But, here is my thought process.....Which of the VPs will make better presidents? I feel that is what this election is coming down to. I feel that McCain will have a heart attack, or some other old-age ailment, and die at some point in the first term, which would leave Sarah Palin as the president. Now, with all her "executive experience," I'm sure she'll be just fine, right?....riiiiiiight.....Then there is the matter of Barack Obama being black. Now, for me, I could care less. I'm more worried about his socialistic attitude (socializing health care will solve nothing. All the really good doctors will move to other countries, and the rich people in America will go to those countries for health care. So, all the lower class people will still have crappy health care, and the rich people still won't care.). Back to the point: Obama is black. America is not ready for a "minority" president. There are still so many people that are racist in our country. And the white supremecist idiots have already proven this point by planning an assassination. (For more information, see here:,skinheads-barack-obama-assassination102908.article.) Anyways, it is my opinion that Obama will end up being assassinated because the majority of our country is too closed minded to allow a black (excuse me, HALF-black) president. Which would leave us with Biden. So I'm extremely disappointed in my first presidential election. I was so excited for the opportunity to vote, and now, not only do I not like either of the canditates, but as a Utah resident, my vote really doesn't even count. Utah will go to the Republican party. I think I'll just write in Big Bird.